2024 Presenter

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2024 Annual Conference

Conference Presenter:
The Rev. Ed Henley

The Rev. Ed Henley began his study of Bowen family systems theory in 1987. He studied in the Postgraduate Program at the Bowen Center, 2014- 2017. He is a regular presenter at the annual Faith Leadership Conference, coordinates the Faith Leadership Seminar, and is a presenter and coach in other Bowen Center programs. He joined the Bowen Center faculty in 2017.

His clergy experience includes interim service in twelve congregations, as well as a pastorate of sixteen years (1997-2013). He is a graduate of The General Theological Seminary, New York City (1978), and New College, Sarasota, FL (1972). He continues to serve in the Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Florida.

His understanding is that Bowen theory focuses us on our own growth (which is the hardest work of all). It can give us a way to understand how religious organizations function and how clergy can live and lead in these emotional systems.