Basic Scholarships



Having served many congregations as an Intentional Interim Pastor for over twenty years, The Rev. Frank B. Lampe III was committed to the process of leading congregations through transition times between the calls of "settled" pastors. Pastor Lampe was also committed to the educational process of training pastors for this specialized ministry, supporting both the efforts of the Interim Ministry Network, Inc. of Baltimore, MD and the newer endeavors of the National Association of Lutheran Interim Pastors (NALIP). Over the years Pr. Lampe, with the support and aid of The Rev. James W. Davis, embarked on a mission of creating and expanding a fund that would provide partial scholarships for aspiring interim pastors. In time, the fund grew to over $4,000.00 but no formal program of granting these scholarships was ever created.

Unfortunately, Pr. Lampe died suddenly in 2003 before his dream could be fully implemented. Pr. Davis became the custodian of the funds. He and Mrs. Lampe decided that, in keeping with Pr. Lampe's dream of providing scholarship for Lutheran clergy, the best approach for using the funds was to give it to the National Association of Lutheran Interim Pastors (now known as LuTMA) as the future custodians.

On October 22, 2004, the Coordinating Council of the NALIP formally accepted the gift of $4,305.06 and established the Rev. Frank B. Lampe III Scholarship Program. To ensure continued growth of the fund, the Coordinating Council resolved to add annually ten percent of the net income from educational events. The Council will also advertise the existence of the fund and solicit contributions. Further, the Council charged the treasurer of NALIP with the responsibility to devise a protocol for the disbursement of scholarships to worthy recipients.

The following information outlines the procedure granting those scholarships.

Contributions to the Rev. Frank B. Lampe III Scholarship Program

Contributions to the Rev. Frank B. Lampe III Scholarship Program are welcome. Such gifts are an appropriate way to honor or memorialize a loved one who has served or expressed interest in the work of transition ministry. Gifts will be acknowledged by mail to contributors, honorees, and families of deceased loved ones. Each year, the LuTMA Board will also recognize all contributions in its report to the LuTMA Annual Conference.

Amount of Scholarship

The Scholarship Fund will award $400.00 to each qualifying candidate to defray the cost of tuition for a Basic Training in Transitions Course sponsored by LuTMA.

Number of Scholarships

A maximum of 8 scholarship grants will be awarded each calendar year.

Application Process

Each applicant must complete a scholarship form that delineates the need for assistance.

Click to download the online application form and mail it to:

Lutheran Transitional Ministry Association (LuTMA)
PO Box 124
Carlisle, PA 17013

Procedure and Qualifications:

Candidates will:

  • Write a brief statement clarifying the need for the scholarship, keeping in mind that Pr. Lampe's goal was to assist those pastors who were without sufficient financial resources to meet the cost of training programs.
  • Be rostered with a Lutheran denomination.
  • Provide a letter of approval and endorsement from the Bishop or District President supporting the request for intentional interim ministry training. The letter should indicate writer’s willingness to use the pastor for assignment as an intentional interim minister in the judicatory represented.
  • Provide a listing of other financial resources that will be used to satisfy the registration fee for the Basic Training in Transitions event.
  • Apply for a scholarship at least eight (8) weeks prior to the scheduled date of the event for which the applicant is registered. Applications may be submitted electronically to the LuTMA Executive Director at .

Award Notification

The LuTMA Board will consider all applications at regularly scheduled meetings or via electronic communication. The LuTMA Executive Director will notify the applicant of the Board’s decision within five (5) weeks of application.