LuTMA Members

The Interim Ministry Association of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (IMA-ELCA) and the Interim Ministry Conference of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (IMC-LCMS) are the two corporate members of the National Association of Lutheran Interim Pastors.

Individual personal memberships are maintained in either of the two denominational organizations (IMA and IMC). To become a member of either of these two organizations or to inquire about membership related concerns, please contact:

For the latest information about the associations and membership options contact your member association.

Interim Ministry Association, ELCA (IMA-ELCA)
Contact at

Individual Membership Dues: $60
Synod Membership Dues (Bishop/staff): $100

Individual Life Membership Dues
Age 55 and younger: $600
Age 56-60: $420
Age 61 and older: $300

Interim Ministry Conference, LC-MS (IMC-LCMS)
Contact at

Individual Membership Dues: $70
District Membership Dues: $300