Judicatory Leaders

Judicatory Leaders


Many judicatory leaders have relied on, and continue to rely on Intentional Interim Pastors, recognizing that a specially trained pastor is needed to provide more than stop-gap measures for congregations in transition. Our brochure provides more information about LuTMA, transitional ministry and our educational programs.

Our primary focus is offering quality training for clergy to lead congregations through a time of transition – especially following a long-term tenure or the unexpected termination of a call due to conflict or misconduct. The training is a well-developed program that has been shaped by more than 25 years of Lutheran clergy-educators and feedback from participants. Most recently, the traditional classroom model has been revised for online instruction and participant interaction, enhancing a mentor component and continuing the residential phase to enrich the learning experience.

Watch this video for a testimony about the benefits of an Intentional Interim Pastor.

Video coming soon.

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The Rev. Lois Van Orden
Executive Director for LuTMA